Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wander Well

This is my response to this week's poetry prompt at Simply Snickers (www.simplysnickers.blogspot.com) . The prompt: wander, weak, wild, wit, wonder. And, well, all that alliteration got me thinking...so this is kind of a wild, wacky romp through the world of the letter W. It is tongue-in-cheek, but there is a more serious moral in there for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Without further ado...

Wander well o will ‘o wisp
Wait not, weak with water want
Watch the whirl-wind wyvern waver, whimper
Wonder at willow’s worthy, wild wit
Wish the wife’s week whittled to weal, but the
Wheel of wealth is weighted with woe
West is won, warded by whales
Wind is a warehouse the width of the world
Wander well o will ‘o wisp


Raven's Wing Poetry said...

I love your alliteration here. A joy to read,


Ash said...

Thanks! I had fun writing it.

quilly said...

I read this out loud. It was fun. Incredible sounds.

I stumbled across the challenge through Nicole's blog (which I stumbled across through Read~Write~Poem, which I stumbled across through Brian and I can't remember how the heck I came across Brian that was far too many years ago ... at any rate. I've signed up to write for the prompt. Here's my offering:


Anonymous said...

A fun poem! I had no inspiration for this weeks simply snickers so I 'wimped' out. Hehehe


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...



Wild and wonderful!

Thanks for participating at SIMPLY SNICKERS. I have added you to our blogroll. Next week's prompt is up! Hope you will be back!


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